Guest Bio: Ricketta Pryce

Season 1; Episode 3

Ricketta Pryce is a resident of Boston and is a twenty three year old mother, author, and entrepreneur. She has one daughter who is 1 year old and has one more on the way. Ricketta believes that she is a “hustler” in the sense that she does whatever she has to do in order to provide for herself and her growing family. One of the ways she does this is through writing.

Ricketta, commonly known as Pinky Dior in the literary world, has always had aspirations of becoming an author. She discovered she wanted to be a writer in the 9thgrade after reading her favorite book “The Coldest Winter Ever” by Sister Souljah, and was encouraged by her teacher to pursue that career. She wrote her first manuscript “Scarlet Red” while in high school. She has solidified her dream as an author after the 2013 October release of her book “The Hustler’s Daughter”. She explained that her book was to be released three years ago, but her publisher, DC Bookdiva Publication, insisted that she promote herself as an author more. She did so through writing and promoting her short stories online, which was where she gained many of her readers.

Ricketta said throughout all the stories she has written, “The Hustler’s Daughter” is her favorite because she literally put herself in the main characters shoes. Although Ricketta is finally making her childhood dream a reality, she is going through many trials and tribulations to do so. For instance, Ricketta is currently unemployed and lives in a women’s shelter with her daughter and is on a waiting list to move to subsidized housing. Though the comfort of not living in her own home can be bothersome, Ricketta does not let that become a factor to not accomplishing her goals.

When Ricketta is not selling her books she is selling jewelry and homemade beauty products such as lipsticks to earn some money. Another obstacle she faced was when she lost her grandmother this summer; she was depressed for a few months and couldn’t write. She is also involved with the father of her children who has not done much to contribute to the welfare of her and her children. He was recently released from jail, and she expresses that his presence will not halt her progress. She stresses that she will continue toward her goal whether he is by her side or not.

View the full interview here.

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