Guest Bio: Valerie Anselme

Season 1; Episode 4

According to Margaret Wolfe Hungerford “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” What happens when you look at yourself and all you see are flaws? Valerie Anselme of “The Flawed Beauty Project” is looking to change that. She hopes her project will encourage women to embrace their imperfections. “I want to help people embrace who they are no matter what physical flaws they may have,” said Valerie. “No matter how you look you embody beauty.” She feels the media has its own portrayal of what beauty is.

The novice photographer has been playing with the camera for two years, and it’s already paying off. Valerie is working on her first book “The Flawed Beauty Project”, which will showcase flaws by various women. After posting advertisements on Facebook and her blog, ( about a dozen fearless women came forward and decided to bear their insecurities for the camera.

Proceeds from the book will go toward helping a hospital in Haiti. Valerie has a personal connection with the hospital (L’Hospital Adventist d’Haiti). Both of her parents are from Haiti and work at the hospital. Her future aspiration is to work there as well. This motivated young woman hopes to become a doctor. The earthquake fueled her desire to fulfill her dream.

A couple things Valerie hopes to overall achieve through the Flawed Beauty Project is “for people to look at the project and find ways to build confidence in themselves, because when you lack confidence it shows and it really hinders you from doing something great.”

View the full interview here.

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