Photographer helps women embrace their flaws

Cindy Severino

Valerie Anselme uses photography to tell stories and encourage people to embrace their flaws in “The Flawed Beauty Project.” A few months ago the project started and it is already making a positive impact in social media. One of Anselme’s objectives is to make her models feel good about their imperfections and accept them.  Anselme started photography two years ago and decided to create this project to raise money for a hospital in Haiti, her parents’ native country.

“I want to do something that will captivate people and tell a story,” said Anselme. With her work she wants to help people to embrace who they are, regardless of any physical flaws they may have. The young photographer explained that she did not have a lot of confidence while growing up, and how important it was for her to accept her own flaws to reach the confidence she has today.

Anselme photographs women who are willing to accept their physical imperfections at her studio. Women talk about their flaws and definition of beauty with Anselme and see this photo shoot as a way to improve their self-esteem. The pictures are posted on Facebook and her blog,, with quotes from the models about their flaws.

The photos from “The Flawed Beauty Project” will be used in a book that Anselme is planning to publish.  Profits from sales of the book will go to the Hopital Adventiste in Haiti. She has a personal connection with the hospital because it is where her parents used to work and where they met for the first time. Anselme talked about her desires and motivation to give back to the community in everything she does. She stressed how important it is for her to make a difference in the Haitian community.

Anselme will continue to photograph women and their flaws at her studio to complete her book.  Besides raising money with her book, Anselme hopes to help people, especially women, find ways to build their confidence. Eventually, she plans to become a doctor and work at the Hopital Adventiste in Haiti.

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