EWHAS Premiere Party displays team’s hard work

Deirdre Murray

On December 5th the cast and crew of Every Woman Has a Story celebrated the launch of their new season. The viewing of the shows first episode took place on the 10th floor of the Tufte building in room 1014.

About thirty people attended the two hour event, with family and friends of the crew filling the room. Former guests of the show, such as Taisha Akins, were in attendance as well. Akins brought her daughter to the event and received a bouquet of flowers for her participation in the show.

The shows brand new website was displayed on the projector as guests dined on snacks and wraps. On the back wall, taped up signs read phrases such as “I am an author”and “I am a mother”, to pay homage to past guests on the show.

The first episode featuring Taisha Akins was aired at the event. Hosted by Muna Moushien, the show focused on Akins story of losing her son to gun violence. Akins now shares her story to educate others about violence and help those who have also been affected.

Every member of the show was given an award of participation and recognition, along with Bath and Body works gift sets. Executive producer Katleen St. Fleur took time to thank her crew, while also reflect on the lessons the team learned over the season.The associate producers paid back St. Fleur with a Dunkin’ Donuts gift basket, something she will need as she moves on to her next big project: working in the real world.

The premiere party was a pleasant way to look back on another great season. While St. Fleur will be missed, Tashanea Whitlow and Eunice Onwona are set to take her place by becoming the executive producers for the next season.

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