A Fresh Start

Casey Campbell

New Years Eve symbolizes a fresh start, a clean slate for new goals and adventures. This year, I decided to celebrate in Boston with my boyfriend, Graham, seeing as neither of us had attended First Night before. Since, this year’s First Night almost did not happen, and Mayor Menino swooped in to save the event, this year seemed to be a special one. We were excited.

And then we saw the weather forecast. All of New England was supposed to be hit with an arctic blast, making New Years Eve temperatures drop into the teens and single digits. This was not going to stop us though. After bundling up from head to toe we bought our First Night buttons and began the 40 mile commute to Boston.

The cold was rather limiting once we got there. We spent the afternoon with free admission to the Museum of Science, reliving our childhood memories and reviving both of our loves for all things quirky. Dinner was quick to-go Japanese food and a cannoli for dessert from Faneuil Hall. I reveled at all of the amazing ice sculptures and I would come to the city every year just to see them. We wandered over to the Common and caught a bit of the Frog Pond Skating Spectacular. Graham laughed at me as I paced back and forth at the back of the crowd, trying to keep warm and watch these amazing upcoming skaters.

The highlight of my night, however, was in the sky. At seven, fireworks go off in the Common, in addition to the midnight showing over the harbor. Fireworks have always been my favorite part of any event. They were launched from the Boston Common Baseball Field, which made them awfully close to the ground. The vibrant colors and loud explosions combined to create a beautiful showing of pyrotechnics unlike one I had never seen before. The surrounding buildings caused an amazing echo and the windows of them sparkled throughout the entire show. For someone who has really only watched fireworks launched from a barge in the harbor of Plymouth, MA, it was a sight to see.

Alas the cold did get the best of us and we left shortly after the fireworks show. We rang in 2014 on the couch, with “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve”, hot apple cider, and laughing over our plans for the new year. Even though we didn’t stay late, it was definitely a night full of wonderful memories. I can’t wait to do it again next year. Maybe next time we’ll actually stay until midnight.

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