A word from guest Angela Counts…


Dear EWHAS Producers:

Thank you so much for an incredible experience!  I am so impressed with how you all worked as a team to put together an incredibly professional production.

I am also honored to have been selected to share my story with you on the February 12 show, and I want to thank Laura Onyeneho for writing such a lovely bio on your site, which you were so kind to forward to me.

While I’d also like to personally thank Tashanea & Eunice for helping to arrange this, and Tanashea for a great interview, I know each member of your team was so essential to making the show come together that evening. So thank you all!

Thank you also to Cindy for so kindly meeting me at the station and for making sure I got to the studio, and even escorting back to the station. You each were so kind, and as I said to you that evening — with all of you doing the smart, compassionate, and dedicated work you do, the future of media is bright!

Congratulations on the start of your second season! I look forward to seeing the edited segment and also following your future shows.




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