Meet Blogger Caroline Moses!


My name is Caroline Moses and I’m a blogger. After starting The Caro Diaries, blogger is the only word that seems to fit me. It describes who I am, it describes how I write, it describes my personality. Blogger.
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EWHAS Wins an AP Award!

Every Woman Has A Story has won a Massachusetts/Rhode Island Associated Press Award for our work last season! Collectively, WEBN took home six awards.

We would like to send a big thank you to every one who has made EWHAS what it is today. To our amazing guests, thank you for sharing your stories with us. To our viewers, thank you for supporting the show and keep watching! As a staff, we will continue to work  to produce a quality talk show and prove that every woman does have a story.

View WHDH’s coverage and the full list of the awards here.

Susan B. Hagen: providing tools for personal growth and happiness

Deirdre Murray 

Susan Hagen describes herself as an inspirational humorist and keynote speaker.

Even though the temperature is dipping towards the single digits, Susan Hagen braves the cold to greet us from the top step of her Cambridge apartment. During our time with her, it was very rare to see her not smiling or cracking jokes. The room is extremely cosy: softly lit, filled with snug couches and a warm fireplace in the corner. The mood fits the rooms purpose, which is for group therapy sessions. A lookalike puppet sits on a chair in the corner. “That’s young Susan,” Hagen jokes. “I use her for my shows.”

As the crew sets up their tripods and cameras, Hagen lends a hand in moving around furniture and adjusting the lighting. She offered us beverages and snacks that she kindly picked up for us. These simple gestures speak volumes about the person we will discover Hagen to be: a welcoming and compassionate woman, a healer.

Born and raised in a northern town in Minnesota, Hagen grew up among the sunflower fields on her farm. She originally wanted to be a stand up comedian and she joked that her first audience were actually the sunflowers. Hagen’s path to where she is now has been a long and exciting journey. Feeling that farm town life was too small, Hagen left for college and completed her degree in Madrid.. Since then, she has called multiple places home: Seattle, Boston and now, Cambridge.

Her list of credentials are about as varied as can be, with degrees in religious studies, psychotherapy, education and ample experience in the Boston public school system. While Hagen has pursued a variety of areas, she has always known that she loved to tell stories and loved delivering messages through those tales.

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