Meet Blogger Caroline Moses!


My name is Caroline Moses and I’m a blogger. After starting The Caro Diaries, blogger is the only word that seems to fit me. It describes who I am, it describes how I write, it describes my personality. Blogger.

To some extent, I’ve always been a blogger, though my blogs in the past have been mainly photo-based, finding and sharing inspirational quotes, dream homes and fashion. As a young teen, I’d create Weebly blogs with my friends back home, and later Tumblr. It wasn’t until March 2013 that I opened my laptop, created an account and wrote my first post. I had been going back and forth with whether I wanted to create a blog or not. My friends laughed at me, asked me what I would even blog about, but I was determined and I knew it was something I had to do. After attending a media conference in New York, and meeting industry executives whose jobs I dream of to this day, I knew that starting a blog, creating my brand, would be the best thing I could do for myself and for my career.

There was no debate on what I would blog about. I loved writing, and I knew I would write about whatever I felt and whatever hit me, and I think going into the blog with an open mind allowed me so many more opportunities. After my first post, I didn’t post much – only twice before moving back home for the summer, and it wasn’t really until summer that I really began blogging. I was working full-time at a magazine, and just being in the beautiful twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago that I’m lucky enough to call home was inspiration enough, but after a few weeks of posting every day, exploring new topics and brands, and sharing my writing with friends, family and complete strangers, I was hooked. I blogged all summer about any and everything – music, college life, inspiration and wisdom, stationery I loved, fashion, movies, and anything that crossed my mind. I had some tough critics and received my fair share of negative criticism, but I was lucky enough to have a big support system, and family and friends who reassured me daily that I was doing what I loved and that was enough. After one year, I can say that it was enough, and it still is enough, because I wouldn’t change my first few months as a blogger for the world.

My friends say that I have the best life being a blogger – I get freebies from companies that I love and endorse, I get paid to write sponsored posts, and I genuinely love sitting on my laptop reading other blogs and writing my own posts,  but it’s not the free stuff that keeps me going. As weird as it sounds, it’s the community. After a year of blogging, it’s the friendships and relationships with other bloggers, it’s interacting with the community that makes it all worthwhile. To be honest, without the support and encouragement from other bloggers, I wouldn’t be where I am today. It’s the little things – reading and commenting on my posts, sponsoring my blog every month, entering every giveaway I hold, that makes my blog grow more and more every day, and no amount of sponsorship would compare to the benefits from just interacting with such an amazing community.

It’s been incredible, and I really do encourage everyone to create a blog, to enter the unknown, to start writing, to put it out there. You can be private, you can show your friends, or you can publicize it – the best part is that it’s entirely up to you. It’s up to you what you blog about, it’s up to you what you name it, it’s up to you how you design it. I found my niche, and I started my diaries – and I’d love for you to join me. So follow along at The Caro Diaries, and thanks for reading my diaries!

-Caroline Moses | The Caro Diaries

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