One woman’s story of breaking into entertainment

Kim Kane

Kim Kane is a radio host with Power 105.1 FM in New York.

Kim Kane is one of the most visible young media personalities in the country in print, radio, and television. Kane serves as a radio host with Power 105.1 FM in New York as one of six nationwide correspondents for NBC’s House Smarts and as a celebrity blogger for the Huffington Post and Russell Simmons Global Grind website.

As a voice-over talent, her vocals have been enlisted to drive a number of national televised marketing campaigns to include AT&T, Crest White Strips, and BET’s Black Girls Rock Awards.

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Guest Bio: Angela Counts

Laura Onyeneho


Angela Counts is a filmmaker, performing artist, and writer whose dramatic plays have been presented across the country. She is the recipient of the Kennedy Center’s Lorraine Hansberry award for her play, Hedy Understands Anxiety, which was published by Dramatic Publishing Company.

Her short films have appeared in several group exhibitions in the greater Boston area including Open Source at the New England Conservatory of Music.

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A Fresh Start

Casey Campbell

New Years Eve symbolizes a fresh start, a clean slate for new goals and adventures. This year, I decided to celebrate in Boston with my boyfriend, Graham, seeing as neither of us had attended First Night before. Since, this year’s First Night almost did not happen, and Mayor Menino swooped in to save the event, this year seemed to be a special one. We were excited.

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Being Home

Briana Azar
Going home for me is not just about the weather. It isn’t even about the place or the people. It is about returning to what I have always known and feel most comfortable in. It is the feeling that I am being and not just doing. Sure, the sunshine is always welcomed and my family and friends are wonderful but their is something about sitting around the kitchen table on a Sunday and being completely and totally myself that I love. Having people around me that love that person too makes it all the better. When I am home, I feel happy, rested, restored and whole.

My second 25th of December in Dominican Republic

Cindy Severino

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a time for many to celebrate surround by family. In my case is usually just another month. While growing up Christmas and The Three Wise Kings day was all I could wait for. I used to celebrate with my family and eat the special food cooked in these holidays. Now, I usually spend this time with my grandmother my only relative in Boston or my friends, but is not as excited as it used to be.

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Winter Break Adventures

Terrena Scannell

This Christmas break I am lucky to say I went on a plethora of adventures. I spent much of my time with my family and was blessed to have them get me all the Christmas presents I asked for. I went and saw Anchorman 2 with my friend Xavier, who is also a journalism major like myself, and we both died at how inappropriate the movie was. I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed (wouldn’t say that was my favorite adventure) as well as played in the last blizzard of 2013. The Red Sox World Series trophy took a pit stop in my hometown and my parents and I were able to take a picture with it. I also traveled to New York with my best girlfriend Sabrina to party into the new year. I ended the year of 2013 with many great memories and I can’t wait to see what 2014 will be for me!